The Bloods — Bloodtide & Bloodsong

“Just when you thought Burgess could not get any better, he did.” — The Bookseller

Bloodtide by Melvin Burgess
Bloodsong by Melvin Burgess

About the books

I’ve always loved myth and legend, and all through my life there’s one story I come back to again and again and again. You might not have heard of the Volsunga Saga, but before the Christians came to Northern Europe, every single one of us knew this story. It is our own true hero myth, full of ice and fire, love, betrayal, passion, tragedy – the primal story that gave birth to the entire fantasy genre.

My version isn’t set in the past, though. This is the future as it could easily be. Genetic experiments walk among us. London has been abandoned by government. Hell is a living city, deep underground, greedy for more fuel.

The fight for the future has only just begun.

More terrifying than any of this, though – the old gods are coming back to life. Old one-eye, Odin himself, who can remember the future as well as he can remember the past … and Loki, God of fire and tricks. Who knows how things will work out when they start to poke their noses into our affairs? All wrong, that’s all you can say.

I’ve always felt these are the best books I’ve done to date. I’m really delighted to see Andersen Press relaunch them with these fantastic new covers.